Below is some general information about my staff. To send them an e-mail, click the person's name.

Sheila Warren: Sheila is the firm's senior staff accountant, and specializes in business income tax returns.

Angie Jarvis: Angie is a staff accountant, and specializes in personal income tax returns and payroll services.

Alicia Johnson: Alicia is a Certified Public Accountant, and works on income tax returns, as well as assisting Foster with business valuations and litigation support.

Cheryl Lehrke: Cheryl is in charge of accounts receivable & accounts payable. Questions regarding a bill or payment may be directed to her.

McKinley Wait: McKinley is Foster's secretary. To make an appointment to see Foster, to check on the status of your return, or to request copies of information contained in your file, you may contact her.